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Sarah Harding


Sarah was born in Ascot Berkshire, on 17 November 1981 and has always shown an interest in acting and singing.

In 2002, Sarah auditioned for Popstars: The Rivals and on 30 November 2002, Sarah was selected as one of the five group members.  Girls Aloud went on to achieve 20 consecutive Top-10 singles and 4 Number-One singles.  Girls Aloud were the biggest selling girl group of the 21st Century.

Sarah was always the 'loud' extrovert member of Girls Aloud and it was the different personalities of the group members that contributed to Girls Aloud's success.

In 2014, Sarah gave a solo live performance at the O2 Islington, London as part of her Showcase; here is my recording of L.O.V.E that I made that evening.

Sarah appeared in the movie Bad Day, the TV Film Fallen (tragic story of financial fraud), Run For Your Wife and St Trinians 2.  She also appeared briefly in Coronation Street.

In 2016, Sarah was a participant in Jump (ski-jumping competition), but following a knee injury sustained during the series, she had to withdraw.  And then in 2017, Sarah competed in the final series of Celebrity Big Brother and duly won it. 

In August 2020, Sarah announced that she had breast cancer and she later revealed that her autobiography "Hear Me Out" has been published. Whether or not you are a Girls Aloud fan, Sarah's book is a very infoormative and emotional read.

I wish Sarah the very best with her medical treatment that she is receiving for cancer.

RIP Sarah Harding, who very sadly passed away peacefully in her sleep today on 5 September 2021.
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