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Girls Alive

Girls Aloud - Fascination

To me, there is always something special about live performances and live albums, and Girls Alive is one of their special albums and a real cracker.

The tracks really worth listening to on the sample recordings are: Something Kinda Ooooh and Love Machine.

This is a lesser know album, but a necessary one for your collection.

All copyright is acknowledged, and to avoid infringement action, I have limited the songs to one minute of audio.

Do listen to the sample songs (which include all 8 tracks), and if you like the music, please buy Girls Aloud albums.

Track List

  • 1. Something Kinda Ooooh 1:00 min
  • 2. Waiting 1:00 min
  • 3. Call The Shots 1:00 min
  • 4. Deadlines & Diets 1:00 min
  • 5. Close to Love 1:00 min
  • 6. Love Machine 1:00 min
  • 7. Biology 1:00 min
  • 8. Graffiti My Soul 1:00 min
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