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Tangled Up

Tangled Up

Girls Aloud - Polydor

Tangled Up was Girls Aloud's fourth studio album which again was certified platinum after selling over 300,000 copies.  The album features Call The Shots and Can't Speak French, and the group recorded and released Can't Speak French in French also.

The Tangled Up concerts were released on DVD and Blu-ray and included Whole Lotta History, With Every Heartbeat and I'll Stand by You.

All copyright is acknowledged, and to avoid infringement action, I have limited the songs to one minute of audio.

Do listen to the sample songs (which include all 12 tracks), and if you like the music, please buy Girls Aloud albums.

Track List

  • 1. Call the Shots 1:00 min
  • 2. Close To Love 1:00 min
  • 3. Sexy No No No 1:00 min
  • 4. Girl Overboard 1:00 min
  • 5. Can't Speak French 1:00 min
  • 6. Black Jacks 1:00 min
  • 7. Control of the Knife 1:00 min
  • 8. Fling 1:00 min
  • 9. What You Crying For 1:00 min
  • 10. I'm Falling 1:00 min
  • 11. Damn 1:00 min
  • 12. Crocodile Tears 1:00 min
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