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Girls Aloud - Box Set

Girls Aloud - Box Set

Girls Aloud - Fascination

This is the jewel of the Girls Aloud Collection containing 23 disks in glossy sleeves and in an aluminium lockable case.

There are far too many songs for me to provide 1 min samples of, but I've chosen The Loving Kind disk as an example of what is available.

I do have a spare set, in an un-opened box, which I'll offer to Nadine's Anaiya if she would like it.

If you can find a set buy it, it's rare, and its rarity attracts a very high price.

All copyright is acknowledged, and to avoid infringement action, I have limited the songs to one minute of audio.

Do listen to The Loving Kind sample songs (which include all 9 tracks), and if you like the music, please buy Girls Aloud albums.

Track List

  • 1. The Loving Kind (Radio Edit) 1:00 min
  • 2. CD Girls On 45 Volume 2 1:00 min
  • 3. Memory Of You (7 inch vinyl) 1:00 min
  • 4. The Loving Kind (Digital Exclusive Utah Saints Club Mix) 1:00 min
  • 5. The Loving Kind (Digital Exclusive Wideboys Club Mix) 1:00 min
  • 6. The Loving Kind (Digital Exclusive Wideboys Radio Mix) 1:00 min
  • 7. The Loving Kind (Promo Wideboys Dub) 1:00 min
  • 8. The Loving Kind (Promo Utah Saints Radio Mix) 1:00 min
  • 9. The Loving Kind (Promo Utah Saints Dub) 1:00 min
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