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Cinderella's Eyes

Cinderella's Eyes

Nicola - Polydor

Cinderella's Eyes was Nicola's debut album which she released in November 2011 and promoted it by a stunning performance at G-A-Y in London that I attended.

The songs are varied with my favourites being Lucky Day, Yo Yo, Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime (cover of the Korgis) and Sticks + Stones

Having heard Nicola sing live; it was very easy to pick her out as the Queen Bee in the 2020 reality TV show, The Masked Singer.  This album is a must for any Girls Aloud collection.

All copyright is acknowledged, and to avoid infringement action, I have limited the songs to one minute of audio.

Do listen to the sample songs (which include all 12 tracks), and if you like the music, please buy Girls Aloud albums.

Track List

  • 1. Beat Of My Drum.mp3 1:00 min
  • 2. Lucky Day.mp3 1:00 min
  • 3. Yo Yo.mp3 1:00 min
  • 4. Cinderella's Eyes.mp3 1:00 min
  • 5. Porcelain Heart.mp3 1:00 min
  • 6. I 1:00 min
  • 7. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime 1:00 min
  • 8. Say it Out Loud 1:00 min
  • 9. Gladiator 1:00 min
  • 10. Fish Out Of Water 1:00 min
  • 11. Take A Bite 1:00 min
  • 12. Sticks + Stones 1:00 min
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